Ancient Church History 100 AD to 500 AD

Slides for the Course

Topic 1 - Introduction and the spread of Christianity

Topic 2 - Persecution & Adoption

Topic 3 - Doctrine - Orthodoxy and Heresies Part I - Apologists, Heresies, & Canon

Topic 4 - Doctrine - Orthodoxy and Heresies Part II - The Ecumenical Councils

Links to the Main Sources used in Constructing the Class

Covenant Theological Seminary Ancient & Medieval Church History
Lectures 1 - 18
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Textbook Dr. Calhoun used for his lectures The Story of Christianity Volume I - The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation by Justo L. Gonzalez

Another source I've found very useful Church History in Plain Language by Bruce Shelley

A sampling of writings of some of the Church Fathers we're discussing Readings in the History of Christian Theology - Volume 1 by William C. Placher

Complete List of Course Sources

Link to successor course in Medieval Church History

Course Handouts

Key points and Bible Verses for the Entire Course

Map from Covenant Theological Seminary online course Ancient & Medieval Christianity
Spread of Christianity to the end of 2nd Century

Epistle to Diognetus (example of early Apologist)

Comparison of Nicene Creed from Council in 325 AD to Modern Version

Doctrinal Questions from last class